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We give you honest and truly independent advice, gained through many years of experience. You can lose weight while eating what you normally eat! Please see what our valued clients say in the testimonials section.

Why is the B-Slim weight loss system unique?

"Way back in the late 1970's, I was a voice in the wilderness against the low fat and no fat propaganda. However, I did manage to convince a number of clients that the high carbohydrate, low fat concept was a failure. With regard to people losing weight, I can give you actual proof that a balanced approach is needed."

My weight loss establishment is in the "backwoods" and has a low media profile. I have had a 96% success rate with the weight loss program that I have developed. This program is not merely about reducing carbohydrates.

My common-sense approach is centred on adjusting food quantities and types to match individual requirements. Few people realise that it is such an individual thing. A growing child or an elite athlete needs a lot more carbohydrates than a sedentary office worker of 35 who sits at the computer all day!

It is really a matter of which type of food is causing the weight problem. A lot of people are having too much sugar, while others overdose on bread, pasta, rice and other carbohydrates.

I know scientists have conducted many experiments with these foods, but with respect, laboratory rats and mice don't drive cars, don't work night shift, and are definitely not computer users! In other words, these results cannot always be translated into advice that will be helpful to everyone. In fact, many theoretical results cannot be assumed to have any relation to what is likely to happen to in the "real world".

I have found conclusive evidence supporting my belief that:
1. Weight loss programs that are centred on especially designed packaged foods are very expensive and ineffective in the long-term. Weight usually increases to "pre-diet levels" if the special foods are no longer consumed.
2. "Calorie counting" doesn't work.
3. Reducing starch and carbohydrate intake helps people to lose weight.
4. Weight loss diets need to be individually designed.

In addition, I have found that low-fat foods are generally unhealthy for the average person. For many years it has been fashionable to recommend diets that concentrate on minimising fat consumption. An example of this concept is the Pritikin Diet that was probably just designed to be beneficial to some middle-aged overweight men with heart disease. However it is not often realised that this type of diet may only be "healthy" for a small number of people who are at high risk of having a heart attack.

My clients can indeed confirm my findings with their testimonials. Please contact B-Slim if you would like to know more about my weight loss program that is designed for all people want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


Eileen Hicks

Founder of the B-Slim weight loss system


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